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St.James supported 12 teenagers in high school in

Ojo de Agua, Honduras


For four years St.James has supported 12 teenagers in high school in Honduras, and last November eight of them graduated.  These are their photos after a party to celebrate, taken with their parents, family and pastors outside the church (St.Michael's) at Ojo de Agua, Honduras.  This all started when a group from St.James (Stephen Blair, Bob Burns, Rosalind Cleland, Mae and Wayne Cox, Hugh Rowlinson and Dianne Webster)  went twice to Honduras on teaching missions thru' the South American Mission Society of Canada.

We were asked by Dean Dagoberto Chacon to support 6 (later 12) students.  Several groups at St.James and many individuals have contributed funds each year, and the Outreach Committee is considering support after this year for any remaining students, and the possibility of taking on another group.  The support is much appreciated, for in Honduras education to grade 6 is free; thereafter there are fees, not enormous, but beyond the means of many of the rural and village families who join the Anglican church.  

Dean Dago. has e-mailed his thanks and mentioned the continued need.