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The Pastoral Care committee has articulated its mission as the following: “…to establish and maintain meaningful and personal contact with our whole Parish Family in order to provide spiritual, emotional and physical support throughout life’s journey.”

We will work toward this reality through the following goals:

All sick or isolated parishioners in need will be visited by trained pastoral care visitors or clergy.

A formal program will be in place to ensure that all members of our Parish Family are contacted regularly in a personal manner.

Opportunities for support will be provided to victims of traumatic illness or life events, and their families, in a group setting.

Any person with pastoral needs is encouraged to contact the office where a confidential file is kept in order to notify the clergy of those needs. Whether it is an emergency or an ongoing need, the clergy and lay visitors work together to determine the best way to support the individual or family in need.

A training program has been started for a core group of lay people who will be commissioned to care for our people, in the hospital, at home, and in long term care facilities. Once commissioned, this group will continue to meet with the clergy to debrief with theological reflection, to be given direction and to have continuing educational opportunities.

Prayer Chain

The prayer chain has many links – each link represents someone who cares for people who are ill or in distress. Prayers are said by every link of our chain, and God does hear and listen.

A phone call is all it takes. Please phone our head link with all your information concerning the person we are to pray for, and know that confidentiality is always honoured. We are always ready to pray for everyone that needs and requests prayer.

Generally we pray for a person for 3-4 weeks, unless we hear from the caller that all is well. At that point we will give thanks to God and take the name off our list.

Anyone interested in becoming a link, we will welcome you to our family. You will become another link in the chain, and you will be called and asked to pray for people. Sometimes you will be asked to also call one other person who is a member of the chain. There is no need to leave your home, but to pray intentionally for others. This work continually holds up the members and families of our congregation, for God’s healing and strength, and is a way of participating in God’s work among us.

For further information please call the office at 325-2742 or contact Gwen Hollinger.

Lay Pastoral Visitors

Lay Pastoral visitors are lay people who have had specific training for this work. It is a ministry responsibility of the ordained clergy in any congregation; however it is to be seen as a responsibility that is shared with lay people, some of whom have been trained, and are under the care and support of the clergy.

At St. James’ we have individuals who reach out in care and concern for others, from inviting them to coffee, to offering assistance and direction, and helping to incorporate them into the fabric of our congregation. Some assist their neighbours and friends in practical ways at home, while others will meet with individuals to read the bible or to have a friendly conversation. All of this is a life giving and important component of the pastoral care within our community.


We now have a training session under way for a small core of individuals to learn about visitation to the elderly in nursing homes, visitation in hospitals or individuals in crisis in a more intentional way.  They will become familiar with the practice of theological reflection by way of understanding both the role and practice of pastoral care in our faith context, and the specific circumstances encountered in the visitations. Following this training there will be ongoing supervision with gatherings to debrief for these individuals, while continuing education will build upon the skills learned.

At the moment we ask that those in need of visitation contact Phyllis at the office and we will see that your needs are met. As the process evolves the Lay Pastoral visitors will be given assignments as deemed appropriate by the clergy.